Monday, July 21, 2008

from our Nation's Capitol

Had an opportunity to hang out with Bob Tedrow at a harp festival outside Washington today (never heard so many harps in my life; I thought I had died).

I've played a few of Bob's earlier instruments and they were nice and all, but didn't really grab me (I have a strong preference for the sound of traditional reeds).

But his new stuff is fabulous. The "Zephyr" he brought along had just superb action; no other way to describe it. As good a feel as any concertina I've played. Sound was outstanding, though I'd like to play one on the street with a bunch of rowdy Morris men dancing with bells an clashing sticks instead of a big hotel room with dozens of harpists playing funeral music. Very, very good bellows.

His square Dandy was surprisingly light and the sound and action were very good. Very nice workmanship all around.

I've noticed in the past few years the striking improvement in the sound and action of hybrid Anglos. This guy's stuff is really impressive.



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