Sunday, November 05, 2006

Progress on rosewood concertina.

Since last post, eight coats of sanding sealer applied to the rosewood concertina headed for New South Wales. Those eight coats have been taken down to 320 grit and one coat of satin lacquer has been nicely applied with no runs, sags or drips.

Bellows are well underway and will probably be completed this week. Still lots of work ahead....buttons have to be turned on the lathe (yes, I still turn every button on the lathe) levers riveted, springs turned, leather cut pared and skived then glued to the bellows "endoskeleton" Reeds will have to be installed, set and tuned. Handrests to be built, hand straps cut and the little brass adjustment screws need to be silver brazed polished and installed.

Tour concertina is still on its way to Ashland, no overnight deliveries on the 2007 Concertina Tour.


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