Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The "Green" Tedrow Anglo Concertina http://hmi.homewood.net/green/

Hi Bob
I received your Green Concertina yesterday and words can't describe how
wonderful it is. First thing that struck me was how light it was when I
picked it up. The pictures on your website were good, however the Green
was more brilliant in person like you said it would be. The sunburst green
really looks good with the gold tooling! The pictures in the folds in the
bellows really look great also and the extra bellow you installed makes a
difference when playing. Thank You! This is my 3rd concertina I have
purchased and I must say it far exceeds the previous ones. It was well
worth every penny! The other concertinas I had to fight with them to sound
good yours just responds to every move I make with ease; the response to
when I push the buttons on your concertina is truly remarkable and I am
able to play my songs a lot faster now. I immediately played some songs
for my mother and some of my friends and they all loved how well it
sounded. I played all of my Irish tunes and also some of my favorite
church hymns which actually sounded a lot better then the old guy we have
in my church that plays the organ on Sunday. I just wanted to thank you
once again for all of your help in our venture together in getting me a
concertina that I needed and which far exceeded all of my expectations!
Thank You.



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