Friday, October 10, 2008

to make your own adjustments to reeds

Hi Bob,

I've *finally* had a chance to give the concertina a real
workout for a week.

It really is a fabulous instrument. Workmanship and
playability are great.

I love the custom key layout, it's even better than
I expected after working through many tunes with it.

Only one annoyance, and I'm pretty sure it's me, not
the instrument:

I play, and always have played on the quieter side,
-- it's just my nature. On the left side, many reeds
take a lot of air to get going, and I first noticed
it on the C-row, the G/A button. On the draw, the
A reed starts up noticeably easier than the G on the
press. I was having trouble on runs using those
notes because the G wouldn't sound. After some
experimentation I noticed that was the case on many
other of the reeds on the left side.

I have started adjusting my playing style to accommodate,
but I must admit I miss the ability to play a little

My understanding is that there is a tradeoff in the
way reeds are set, so they can be played with better
action at either a low volume, or a high volume, but not
both. Is that really the case, and would it be possible
to adjust the reed setting on this instrument?

Hello Jeff,

Yes, correct, reeds can be set favor at high pressure or low pressure. This is an adjustment that you can make if you wish, or I can do that for you. By levering the reed up or down at the base, you can adjust the reed set.
see: and this:



Hi Bob,

I just finished setting the reeds.


I love it, love it!! Now I can hit the air button
more naturally while sounding a note too!

Thanks a million!



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