Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Bob,

My Tedrow Standard Baritone arrived the day before Thanksgiving (as promised) and I have to say I felt just like a little boy at Christmas. Even though we had a house full of 20 kids and grandkids for the holidays, I closed myself away for the afternoon to play with my new toy.

I have read a number of posts from players who appear to be quite skilled and are moving from one professional grade instrument to another. That is not my story. I am a real amateur. I have had 4 concertinas over the past 44 years. The first three were 20 button, German made. The 4th was the Rochelle, you sent me in August (so I could get up to speed with the extra 10 buttons).

And now this. I have entered a new world. It is truly a thing of beauty and a joy to play. I am slowly learning the feel of the instrument and am having the time of my life. (And I made the right call in ordering the Baritone. I love the sound.)

I was concerned when I ordered it that at my playing ability it would be overkill. Wrong! It has done more to encourage me to improve my skill level in the past 2 weeks than I have accomplished in the past 10 years. If anything, I regret not upgrading sooner. On the other hand, if I had upgraded too soon I wouldn't have been able to get a Tedrow. So I guess everything works out for the best.

Thank you, Bob. You do great work.

Bill P


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